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Many people have seen Angkor Wat

Many people have seen Angkor Wat, Rong temple of Khmer smile impressed. Rong temple angkor baal in central city, is studied in other forms of vii began in 12 construction. At first sight this temple, seem to be at the stone by desultorily, these rocks formed temple 54 block greatly small, and this stone pagoda from this stone pagoda from each of the top sides were carved a huge faces. The most fa

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Such fantastic pyramid sudden appear in my sight

Such fantastic pyramid sudden appear in my sight. When I awake, I realized that has, this is not a book on TV and a lens, it is true, grand pyramids. It's big, beyond my imagination. Sun projected out a huge shadow, one beside seem small. I looked up at all, want to see the vicissitudes of the pyramid, and I couldn't see the end of the time. Pyramid, you leave me, is a high elevation, a lingering

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Although australians also feel helpless to fly

Although australians also feel helpless to fly, but they didn't take measures to eliminate more and more massive flies are tolerant and default. The opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney games, also released in Australia for the modelling of huge balloons fly.Australian not fly there, as so few insect: one is the overall environment is clean, Australia had produced by flies mass diseases. On the con

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Mammoth visited are Hot

Mammoth visited are Hot, we continued north to the north. North is a tourist town, we bought shrimp, crab meat, vegetables, etc. In the hotel to night. Do eat seafood hotpot Unintentionally discovered in the sunset clouds near the crack of a sunset dyed red, but the valleys in clouds cover other slope under jiancheng to black.Contrast color make the red valley seem someone in the lobby. Being the

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Tourism is the birthplace of Swiss montreux in Switzerland

Tourism is the birthplace of Swiss montreux in Switzerland, become an international tourism countries process plays an important role. In the 18th century, during the late 19th century British noble fashion to travel, the period of the Swiss people crazy English lake Geneva, Switzerland, because the sunlight than cold rainy ying, here is undoubtedly fairy tale. British people first, and then to Ge

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Chiang mai NaHe near the river

Chiang mai NaHe near the river, is located in the branch of tai mountain of small plains, average altitude of 300 meters, is the plateau city, Thailand, average temperature, cool climate for 22 degrees Celsius, is a famous summer resort. Every 3-8 months, for the best tourist season in Chiang mai. Can say, Chiang mai is paradise of tourists, people can hike, riding elephants, boating or drive to e

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Shopping space to store the historical tradition

Shopping space to store the historical tradition, especially suits bonded with many stores of 15-30 years of history, with excellent craft. Bonded shop opposite concentration in the hyatt hotel. The shops here by more than 10 shops, main sales men, large. Sales have Muriel 's bag, pear Thai court bata the biggest bag shop, 30 years of tradition. Hamilton shopping center, become an organic whole re

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The most famous syntactic on local mountain

The most famous syntactic on local mountain, the best position to understand all the best WangPingTai, panoramic view of Japan. The lighthouse was decorated with tall, beautiful ocean museum ship neon light roofs white, a giant wheel flashing multicoloured lamplight, the entire port lights. The autumn already chill, but also impetuously lovers come in pairs, toward their hung mountain, also hung w

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A set of Singapore's land

A set of Singapore's land, my first impression is: here is green. Park, residential area, the zoo... Even the streets are thick bushes. If no trees are tall trees, too. Because it is in tropical regions, Singapore perennial hot humid wet, after that, after the lush trees QingCuiYuDi becomes. When the sun came out, the heat of the sun on the leaves in the water glittering and translucent, like spar

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New Zealand has been very good reputation of road

New Zealand has been very good reputation of road, there ZiJiaYou absolute is a kind of enjoyment, blue sky with white clouds in the few roads, the flocks of sheep are everywhere, brown or black cattle, occasionally will see a white horse in the green grass to eating grass... ZiJiaYou has great freedom, if want to travel through, you only need to travel by car, choose the auto-driving hotel reser

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Siem reap city is located in ancient angkor dynasty

Siem reap city is located in ancient angkor dynasty, people and the king's domicile in the castle because most of the wood, so is already in ruins, leaving only every king over the temple built of stone. Visit Angkor Wat is Cambodia tour. Once a magnificent angkor dynasty can suddenly disappeared, even by the jungle covered more than 400 years? Why was found in Angkor Wat, before the locals to not

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Hungary is more like the beautiful mountains

Hungary is more like the beautiful mountains and plain Eger pastoral, pure and comfort. From Budapest, just short of driving for three hours, Eger came to town. It is so small, can use to measure leisurely feet. It is quiet, lane with the small wet stone road certainly some pits, rainy weather calm down to play in the water, can hear the echo light on tablets. Now the oldest monuments, Hungary, on

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The guide showed us ten people rushed

The guide showed us ten people rushed to a former War - War GuZhi tunnel, and then to the Museum Remnants. The GuZhi tunnel in 1948, was for resistance of France. When using the simple spades dug twenty years to finish, arrived in the late 1960's became against base. Tunnel has three layers, with kitchen, lounge, conference room, even bridal chamber, granaries. The first layer from the ground to w

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For the first time in the pool is diving

For the first time in the pool is diving, learn to use, and began to adapt to the situation of underwater. Also is half time. If students can learn in the pool, master basic skills in diving coaches will drive the boat, bring participants to the sea for diving, where in the sea diving. From there, is actually students appreciated the sea scenery. Diving four times, when the coach after that studen

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I've been watching fireflies in Malaysia

I've been watching fireflies in Malaysia, three were Kuala Lumpur, sabah and sarawak recently. Among them, Kuala Lumpur selangor river is one of the most spectacular is the most convenient and urban driving probably need more than 2 hours, transporting and 500 yuan. In selangor called a boat, when the ideal location, the boatman will turn off the engine, with the hand, let you had in the river. I

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Hugo is the most beautiful praise Brussels around the world

Hugo is the most beautiful praise Brussels around the world, but I feel square, here is one of the world's most lets a person giddy square. It extends in all directions, there are many exit. Each outlet to a lane, each alley to another world, secluded spot. From one of the export to Rue des, can Fripiers avenue, has been through it, the most exquisite decoration is the opera house, and then entere

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Diving trips

From ancient mining technology and coral reefs sponge diving equipment, to explore the diving team today... Greece has deep sea with catch-all seamounts, sea cave and mysterious wreck. With more than 6,000 islands, 15,000 kilometer coastline, incredibly warm and sunny weather, the Mediterranean ocean tourism in Greece is an important and special tourism form, and continuous development.

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Around the cathedral of Prague castle

Around the cathedral of Prague castle is the world's largest castles and numerous historical sites. Here are all the tour to the Czech republic, every morning cheek by jowl. But as the sunset, when there is a quiet. Along the wall of gold is the bottom lanes artisans and soldiers of the house, the low room with the palace of large space castle into a sharp contrast. Low because of poverty. The poo

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Champs Elysees street

As the biggest streets of Paris, the famous tourist avenue, nature is the top brand shop, which gathers to the famous 101 is deemed Vuitton depend. In addition, sweet street near the Avenue, Montaigne Avenue and George V Montaigne street also must go, from 60 to begin the GUCCI, among Paul&Joe 2 lined up call, Chanel, Loewe shows, Parda etc, often have the big beautiful clothes of celebrities and

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Bugis Junstion

From Singapore's famous shopping street lane outdoor plaza (Bugis baisha Junstion), the WuJiShi Village of Bugis (Village) is another world. Although not and street GG &gt; 5, such delicate small store fu * ked-up brats you have spawned State of goods, but here than hanging full small objects than Beijing store was fixed batch "popularity". Those who made designs, the refrigerator of small Korean

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