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Dongyuan Business Co., Ltd

Dongyuan Business Co., Ltd is a joint-venture who is mainly engaged in the cultural industry and the communication & development of culture and economy home and abroad. It is also the fifth editorial office a comprehensive editorial office of Henan Daheda Cultural Communication Co. Ltd 、Zhengzhou Office of United States Pacific Rim Chamber and the Zhongguo Daily News workroom of advertising agency in China. With the rich resource of media and book-publishing、good credit standing in the news field and the broad contact with the correlative fields in occident, Dongyuan Business wishes to devote to the communication of culture and economy home and abroad.

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United States Pacific Rim Chamber

United States Pacific Rim Chamber (USPRC) is a non-profit international member organization. It will help the members to establish the effective transnational commercial trade and investment service, and also seek the business opportunities of worldwide investment, business and trade. A lot of merchants and enterprises from many countries pay attention to it when it just started. Step by step, it develops to a worldwide competitive business organization, at the same time it establishes the long-term good relationship with many governmental administrations and commercial organizations. All of these make a fine service background for all the members.

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