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Make life easy and simple

Combing my hair with fingers, reading the book about health, bathing in the sunshine, I feel so relaxed and heart-lighted, it's the time to unload the burden, to brush off worries, and to put the heart wholly into enjoying the simple feeling of being simple.

There’re too many things in our daily life we need to handle, to anticipate, to concern, and to worry about. in our daily life, mind is easily susceptible to delusion
short of concentration.our attention will be deviated by those distractions--unnecessary worries, emotion fluctuation, and so on--thus, in the long run, determination is chopped, spirit is sapped, where's my dream? Suddenly you may wonder with reason. Dream is divided and damaged with too many abstractions.

so there's what Buddhism advocates, one should purifies his mind in this crowded world inundated with desires , knowing what's the essence of life, able to differentiate the important from the unimportant, able to give up, and able to quit in a time when one should, able to pick up when it's the right time .

Life is more like a spring, there's a balance and there's an extent of its limit, you can bounce back after an overreach, you can spring high and long from a relaxed state. just like this moment, I let my mind fly, letting out what's hidden in my mind for a long period of time, it's invariably soothing, relieving to unload the burden, the luggage taken along in the journey, which is thought possibly useful and pleasant, yet actually it is proven otherwise after many times.

Life is supposed to be a simple journey, light-hearted, one should spend time by doing something beneficial to his mind, his body and his spirit.  Looking outside the window, everything is bathed in the warm sunshine, this is the great nature--the energy, the source of life. I can't help wondering why shouldn't we also build our source of life stronger, in a simple way, just like nature. Oh yeah!