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Wooden Wheels, Wood Wagon Wheels

Wooden wheels can be used as wheelbarrow wheels, wagon wheels and planter carts wheels. They are also good home decoration when hang on wall. You can also place them in garden for climbing plants such as morning glory and beans to climb on.
Wooden wheels are not like plastic and metal products mass produced by machines, they can be only hand made by experienced craftsman. Without years of experience, you can not make a wheel well enough.
Species for making the wheel is fir wood, this wood features with anti insects and stable character in outdoor space. Before production, wood boards will be kiln dried to keep moisture content between 8-15, this will enable final products keep stable without split.
Felloe of wheel comprises of 8 pieces of curved wood boards, tongue and groove jointed.
Center hub drilled with hole for installation of axis.
Wooden hub and felloe connected by 12 wooden spokes, this is a strong design than those wheels with 8 or 10 spokes.
When all glue in the wheel dry enough over 2 days, our craftsmen will sand wheel smooth with sandpaper by hands. No burr left and any defects will be repaired.
Finally flat metal tire will be installed to felloe, it is coated black and will not rust in outdoor and wet places. Metal tires keep wheels safe when wheel around, wheels will not hurt by small stones or other shape obstacles with the protection of metal tires.
Wood wagon wheels can be natural finish, burn finish, stain finish and paint finish. If you get a natural one, you could stain or paint to color you like.

wooden wheels


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