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(1) air suction pump noise is caused by one of the main reasons is too high. When mixed with oil in the air, easy in its high-pressure area formed cavitation, and pressure wave form of communication, caused by oil shocks, resulting in cavitation noise generated. The main reason are:
① The oil filter pump, to plug into the pipeline or oil viscosity too high, can be caused by the oil pump into the mouth through the high vacuum Department so that the air infiltration.
② hydraulic pump, oil seal pilot pump shaft end damage, or sealed into the tubing poor air access to o
② tank oil level is too low, so that direct suction pump air into the pipeline.
When the hydraulic pump noise higher work should first check the above site and found a timely manner to deal with the problem.
(2) Hydraulic Pump excessive wear of internal components, such as the cylinder piston pump set with the assignment, such as the plunger with the plunger hole with pieces of the wear and tear, strain, so that a serious leak in the hydraulic pump, when the hydraulic pump output high-pressure, small volume flow of oil will have a pulse when triggered higher noise. At this point the pilot system can be appropriate to increase the angle variables agencies to improve the internal leakage of the pump output flow. Spool of the servo valve hydraulic pump to control the flow of the piston will be partially a result of wear and tear, strain, so that the process in the mobile piston pulse, causing the hydraulic pump output flow and pressure fluctuations, thus resulting in a larger outlet pump vibration and noise. At this time of wear and tear, injury serious brush components or replacement of inquiry to deal with.
(3) hydraulic pump with flow set is also easy to trigger a noise, one of the important components. Assignment in the use of disk wear and tear or due to the surface of sludge deposited on the unloading chute opened, the tank will cause the shorter unloading unloading position change, resulting in the phenomenon of trapped oil, sparking a high noise. In the normal repair process, by grinding flat disk to repair the assignment will also be shorter unloading slot of the consequences, if not timely at this time due to its slender, will also have a greater noise. In the assembly process, the assignment of the major unloading site must be installed in the trough of high pressure pump chamber, and pointed the direction of its rotation with the cylinder block relative to the need to, otherwise the system will also bring more noise.



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