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Relief valve easy to produce high-frequency noise, mainly due to instability in the performance of the pilot valve, pilot valve is pre-chamber air pressure caused by high frequency oscillation caused by the vibration noise. The main reason are:
(1) mixed with oil in the air, the pilot valve in the cavity prior to the formation of cavitation caused by high-frequency noise. At this point, should be scheduled in time to make the air and to prevent outside air to re-enter.
(2) needle in the process due to the frequent use of open and excessive wear and tear, so that cone valve can not close together with the valve seat, causing the pilot flow instability and pressure fluctuations caused by noise, this time should be promptly repaired or replaced.
(3) of the pilot valve spring fatigue due to deformation caused by the functional instability of its regulator, the pressure fluctuations caused by large noise, the spring should be replaced at this time.
3. The noise of hydraulic cylinder
(1) oil in a mixture of air or hydraulic cylinders in the air do not fully scheduled, under the high pressure caused by cavitation noise larger. At this point, to be scheduled in time to make the air.
(2) cylinder head or piston rod seal tight bend in the campaign process and also because of other strong noise. At this point, should be the timely replacement of oil seal or piston rod alignment.
4. Line noise
Pipe bending die too loose or fixed Nagarze also produce vibration and noise. Therefore, arrangements should be in the pipeline to avoid dead corner Nagarze to loose to be tightened in time.