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       选择合适的盘根,用切割机械精确割下所需长度的盘根环,如无盘根切割机械,则根据盘根长度L=(轴径d+盘根宽s)X1.07X丌来进行切割, 一般旋转轴上,用90°直切割, 阀门上用45°的切割。 决不要试图用盘根环绕填料箱来确定长度。或者将盘根环绕在跟阀杆相同O.D.的一根管上,将其紧紧压制,但不可拉伸盘根。然后将其切割成样环,并检验其是否能正确填充空间, 并且保证其接口处没有空隙。然后可以用样环作为标准切割其他填料环。 如果这些成品在平面上完成,如果盘根柔软或容易变形,可根据样环制作一条小带子,再跟根据绳子来制作剩下的填料环。
  一次安装一枚填料环,确信每根填料没有粘上尘土或其它碎片。 如果需要,填料环应当与使用在阀杆上同样的清洁润滑油加以润滑。交错安装每根填料环成90°。环于轴向慢慢拉开,径向的距离以能使环装到轴上即可, 使用专业填充工具紧固每根填料环。当足够填料环安装完成后,对阀门直到格兰伸到填料箱25%的盘根厚度,对泵则需要50%的盘根厚度。用随动件将其封闭,使用随动件可以增加紧密程度。请记住,随动件只是做为一种补充;可以保证全部填料环适当的位置,避免盘根移动。
Choose a suitable packing, by cutting the length of mechanical precision needed to cut off the packing ring, such as cutting non-packing machinery, packing according to the length L = (shaft diameter d + packing width s) X1.07X to Ji cutting, the general rotation axis, with 90 ° straight cut, the valve on the cutter with 45 °. Never attempt to fill around packing boxes to determine the length. Or packing around the stem with the same OD of a tube to be firmly suppressed, but not stretch packing. Then cut into ring-like, and test whether it can fill the space correctly, and to ensure that no gaps in its interface. Ring and then can be used like other filling materials as a standard cutting loop. If these products completed in the plane, if a soft or easy packing deformation, can be produced in accordance with a small ring-like band, under the rope to make the matter with the rest of the packing ring.
When packing for the valve, the valve packing section and the same space, it is best Preloading Central: When the time for the pump, valve packing and the space section (about 0.3mm-0.6mm) axis and the disk so that there is a leakage of the root space is conducive to lubrication and cooling.
Once installed a packing ring, packing each convinced that there is no dust or other debris attached. If necessary, fill with the use of Central should be the same in the stem to clean lubricating oil. Staggered packing ring is installed into each 90 °. Central started slowly in the axial, radial distance in order to enable the ring can be fitted to the shaft, the use of professional tools to fill each packing ring fastening. When the installation is complete enough after packing ring, the fill valve until the Grand out of the packing box 25% of the thickness of the pump will require 50% of the thickness of the packing. Cases with follow its closure, the use of moving parts can be increased with the degree of close. Keep in mind that with the move just as an added piece; to ensure that all appropriate filler Central location, to avoid packing mobile.

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