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  运转约15-30分钟之后,再次紧固螺栓直至泄漏达到允许范围。推荐泄漏量8-10点/分钟。四氟乙烯 填料应允许更大流量来导出热能以减少热膨胀。
Reciprocating pump, the packing box should be at the two ends and the middle of Central Add-oriented in order to maintain the concentric movement and gravity plunger.
Packing ring is installed, the bolt tightening. In order to be one on each nut to the pressure, it is recommended to use wrenches or nut fastening the measuring device Note: At this point if the device is leak-free state, may cause burning packing. Recommended bolt tightening slowly reached up to allow the scope of leakage.
Operation before the load in the absence of a state of commissioning, to observe any unusual circumstances, and then an official car, careful observation, whether real or not pressure tight, and a serious leak or burn the phenomenon of filler. Pump to start when the key is convinced that the leak in the beginning. If a fastener to start packing leak-free state, it will lead to leakage of filler burns.
After installing the packing ring, twisted tight bolts, and confirmed with the filler material to build the right side junction box. Once fastening bolts, each bolt to ensure that the force evenly.
If the application of an external lubrication system should be convinced to start their run to the right.
Startup to allow a high leakage rate. In the process, the packing-an-bit and came into play.
After running about 15-30 minutes, again until the leak fastening bolt to reach permitted. Recommended leakage 8-10 points / min. Tetrafluoroethylene packing should be allowed to export a greater flow of energy in order to reduce the thermal expansion.