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Laughter in the Toy World

There is always the sound of children's laughter and cheerful voices when it comes to toys in homes. at kingdergardens and in toyshops.

According to toyshops, all kinds of toys sell well. Today, an assorment of toys, homemade and imported, are sold at large and medium-sized shops for children and their parents to select. Of the different types, there are intelligent, power-driven toys and stuffed animals. suittable for children of different ages and backgrounds. In addition to a toy's price. durability, packaging and quality, people also pay attention to how a toy develops a child's intellectual resources. Although stuffed animals are lovely, they are usually used as gifts and decorations by older children and middle-school students. Helping children understand the magic of electricity, power-driven toys do not have a strong appeal. Building toys not only mentally and manually train children, but are also suitable for children and their parents to play together. These kinds of toys, for example LEGO, have a good market. A father, who bought his five -year -old son a LEGO car on his birthday, said "The quality LEGO system can fire a child's imagination. It is worth buying."

Toys are chidren's friends. They also make parents happy and arouse their own heautiful childhood memories.

When we see children playing games with toys, we recall our own childhood. However, most of our childhood fun consisted merely of moulding plasticine, hiding leaves and skipping rope. Sometimes, a boy or a girl with a toy minght be isolated, because his or her toy, such as a spray-water pistol or a blinking-eye doll, does not encourage group play. Modern toys, including suffed animals and building toys, have now appeared in toyshops. It seems we have grown up.


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