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dress having a type fitting top after which in poofs out

My prom’s theme is “diamonds are forever”. I’ve dark brown hair with caramel highlights, brown eyes, tanned skin, about 5’4, and I’m a size 2. Homecoming Dresses I was thinking about a extended classic dress for prom but if I obtain a cute brief dress, I would entirely go for it. Does everyone have any photos or concepts? I’ve been prom shopping forever now and nonetheless no hope. Prom is in two weeks! Support! Maternity Wedding Dresses

i consider a bright dress, possibly pink or orange or coral, would appear terrific on you. and possibly you’ll want to go for a dress having a type fitting top after which in poofs out, like a ballroom dress, but stops at the knee. my buddy had 1. it was 1 of the nicest dresses i’ve ever observed :)Cocktail Dresses sale

i was thinking a skinny gown extended,gray and silky…hair performed in a bun with diamonds in it a black purse with those rough u know designs it has to be hand held…. i do not know what shoes though..


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