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    Windows, Locks, Keys and Alarms (2)

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    Fit good quality deadlocks on solid-core external doors with strong frames, and maintain locks in good repair or have them periodically serviced by reputable and competent tradespersons.

    A double-cylinder deadlock requires key operation from either side of the door. This is essential if the door has a glass panel within or adjacent to it.

    Easy to fit key-operated locks, (capable of being keyed alike), are suitable for aluminium and timber sliding doors, sliding windows, double hung (sash), casement and hopper (awning) windows. These should be fitted as required and as directed on the packaging of the locks. Remember to use the nonreturnable screws supplied.

    There are many brands of good quality locks available.

    Locks for meter boxes and any gates to the meter box should be purchased from your local electricity board. This means householders can lock gates but electricity board staff still have access to allow them to take meter readings.

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