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    Windows, Locks, Keys and Alarms (3)

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    Under no circumstances should you 'hide' your house key under a doormat, pot plant or other obvious place. If necessary, give a spare key to a trusted neighbour but do not give one to a tradesperson. Copies are quickly and easily made. Where added security is required consider a restricted key system.

    Do not mark your keys with your name and address.You can mark your keys using the police property identification system.

    Locks may be 'keyed alike' so that one key will open all doors and one key will open all windows.

    Make sure you keep keys where you can reach them in a hurry - for example, in case of fire.

    Intruder Alarms

    Alarms should not be a substitute for good physical security but rather be an addition to it.

    When buying an intruder alarm system consideration should be given to obtaining more than one quote so as to make sure you are getting the system you need.

    Seek advice when installing an alarm.

    There are several alarm components available including:

    • Movement detectors (ultrasonic, microwave infra-red) which react to movement and/or heat and can be placed in strategic locations around your home.
    • Magnetic Reed Switches, electro-mechanical devices that are activated when the electronic circuit is broken.
    • Duress or panic assistance in the form of a fixed button, coded pad pin alert, or a portable device connected to an alarm

    A good alarm should include the following:

    • 24 hour battery backup.
    • Comply with Australian Standards 2201.
    • Two tamper resistant sirens, one inside and one outside (satellite).
    • "User friendly" code pad and control box.
    • The installing company has technicians available every day throughout the year.
    • Installer uses 14/020 wiring (six core wiring).
    • 12 month warranty on components and installation.

    If monitored, the alarm system must include Austel approved dialler and wiring. The installer must be licenced.

    No alarms are directly connected to a police station. Neighbours, friends or an alarm monitoring security company are usually relied upon to ensure an effective response (notify police if necessary) to the alarm.

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