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    How to Find Suppliers in China?

    Font Size:big - mid - smallepuwei   Release time 08-07-24 15:03     view:3456   comment:0   source:tootoo

    Okay, now we know we are aiming at the good, qulified, reliable suppliers in China.

    The first thing I do is to analyze my needs. What type of suppliers I m looking for, large company? a third-party suppliers? or small family-owned ones? It is very important to get the type of suppliers and my need fit each other.

    Once I'v done the first step, I go on surfing on Internet, BUSYTRADE for example, do some research on lists of China-based suppliers. After narrowing down the lists match my business demands, I use software programs to input the data onto a chart which stores company names, contact info and company statistics and something I think might be useful.

    After that it's the time to develop relationships with those Chinese suppliers. I usually contact them from those that get my most interests. I emailed, telephoned, or talked with them online. Well, the important thing here is keeping the conversation record. That would give a lot information one can never find on the company 'about us'. And another thing very important is to ask them weather or not they used to be done business with buyers from where I live.

    Once all those background researching homeworks have been done, I would think about a trip to China to visit my suppliers. Nothing better than face to face touch. It's not a must, but just for my own good, for the money sake. I can use a holiday in China anyway.

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